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All Natural Chalk/Clay/Mineral Paint 

  • Chalk & Clay Paint is 100% Natural mineral paint.  The  minerals are clay, porcelain clay and chalk blended into a water based solution.

  • 100% VOC (volatile organic compounds) FREE.

  • NO ODOR. The paint is non-toxic. It contains NO acrylic co-polymers, solvents, formaldehyde, ammonia, ethylene glycol or toxic heavy metals.

  • Packaged in recycled plastic containers.

  • Our wax is made from insect and plant sources. The wax is a non-petroleum based, natural wax. In addition to being better for you, your family and the environment, it goes on smoothly without any drag or streaking.  It also has very low odor and is packaged in recycled plastic containers.

  • Self Priming Paint. EXCELLENT for painting furniture!  DIYer or  a Professional, you will LOVE this paint!  Superior adhesion means most surfaces do not require prep prior to painting. To ensure adhesion start with a clean surface (I wash with TSP-PF, I do this with ANY Paint.

  • One to two coats generally give complete coverage. 

  • Matte Finish: The paint is naturally a matte finish with natural variation in color due to the natural base of the paint (clay, clay porcelain and chalk). A light sanding (either before or after waxing) with 000 steel wool or 220 grit sand paper will bring out the beautiful natural variations in the paint.

  • To Wax or Not to Wax: I recommend waxing after painting, but this is my preference. Once waxed the finish will be more of a semi-matte finish. You will need to buff with a soft lint free cloth to achieve this.  Left un-buffed it will remain matte. Waxing will also protect the piece from absorbing dirt and oils from every day wear and tear.  This is why I prefer to wax a piece.

  • Wax will darken your paint initially!!   This is good...it helps you know where you have waxed and where you haven't.  The wax may also go on in uneven tone at first (darker in some places and lighter in others).  THIS WILL GO AWAY ONCE THE WAX IS DRY! How will you know the wax is dry? The paint will absorb the wax and the paint will go back to it's original color. Perfecto!  No more guessing! You will be left will a beautiful protected matte or semi-matte finish.

  • Colors can be mixed together to create custom colors.

Although there are many paints on the market that are fine to use, there is one kind that makes painting easy and it isn’t latex. Venture into the world of chalk paint and my personal favorite is an all natural chalk/clay/mineral paint.

Many have asked about ‘making their own’ with latex and plaster of paris, but hence that is still a synthetic paint with a chalk substance added, not a true natural paint. 

Aspire Paint Company offers a truly natural chalk and clay paint that they have been manufacturing for over 20 years and time usually gives you the benefit of experience and expertise. 

The paint can be applied to most projects with no sanding or priming, dries quickly, distresses easily and provides even the novice with that ‘can do’ confidence! 

Once you try it, you will be hooked!